Concrete Steps | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Steps | Burlington Concrete

A new concrete entrance to your home might just be the new renovation that your home in Burlington needs. Sturdy, practical and yet aesthetically pleasing, it's a highly visible element of your home's first impression on visitors.There are so many different choices with respect to color, patterns and textures.

There are various options to adding color to your concrete patio:

  • Stains: concrete is stained with an acid, and produces a very realistic, mottled appearance that is highly resistant to UV light. Stains are ideal for surfaces exposed to sunlight - like pool decks, entryways or paths. Colors of water based stains are virtually unlimited and can even be mixed to produce unique colors & opacity.

  • Coloring agents: commonly used in stamped concrete, these agents are used in combination with dry-shake or integral color to create a finish with character and appeal.

  • Dry-shake color hardeners: This is applied on fresh cement and produce brighter, saturated colors than integral colors. Dry shake colors also offer more wear resistance. However, it is quite labor intensive since the colors have to be worked in manually.

  • Integral color: The concrete is stained during mixing and is uniformly colored. The advantage of using integral color is that if the color will remain consistent even if the concrete gets chipped or worn down. BUT, only earth tones and pastel shades are available at this time. This color application is especially useful for polished surfaces, like patios or interior floors.

Patterned concrete | Burlington concrete
Patterned concrete | Burlington concrete

In addition to color, homeowners can choose a variety of textures or pattern. The classic is broom swept concrete but today, there are many choices available:

  • Stenciled concrete - disposable stencils are applied to fresh concrete with acids or dry shake color. The results can be stunning as it looks separate materials have been mortared together. Yes, even herringbone can be stenciled onto concrete.

  • Stamped concrete - rubber stamps are used on fresh concrete to make the driveways look like brick, slate or flagstone. The stamps are cast with patterns taken from natural stones, and one of the manufacturers created 450 textures inspired by their visits to European cities like Venice, Verona, Paris, Athens and Barcelona.

  • Decorative scoring - using hand tools or concrete saws, permanent patterns can be cut into the driveway to improve drainage.

A new concrete entrance can be a stunning addition to your home and a wise investment contributing to the resale value. Burlington Concrete's skill team of experienced concrete experts can design and build a concrete entrance that will delight you every time you arrive home.

  • Once a year, pressure wash the whole concrete surface to remove accumulated dirt, mildew or residue salt.

  • If there's any oil & grease stains, they can be removed by alkaline degreasers. Rust stains can be removed by oxalic acid.

  • Every 2 years, apply a penetrating sealer to protect the concrete.

  • Never use deicing salts on concrete. Over time, the salts can penetrate the pores of the concrete as they are pressed in by traffic. They can do damage to the top surface and the internal structure of the concrete. Only use sand.

Burlington Concrete is a locally owned concrete company and we are dedicated to providing professional concrete installation for homeowners and business owners located in the towns of Burlington and everywhere within an hour's drive.

Our crew are experts at concrete installation, concrete repair and maintenance. We can install a new concrete driveway, concrete patio, concrete steps, concrete pool deck, pathways and even lay the concrete foundation for new homes. If you're ready to take your home to the next level, email or call us today to learn more about our concrete services.