"Not just a pretty face” – concrete is superior to any other choice of driveway material, which is why it is so widely used. In fact, some of the first modern concrete pavement (laid in 1872, Edingburgh Scotland) is still in use today. The Pantheon in Rome is still standing after 1,300 years. Concrete is an investment in your home that will delight you, year after year.

  • Concrete is strong so it can withstand extreme weather and heavy vehicles.

  • Durable - with proper maintenance, concrte can last for 30 years or more.

  • Concrete is also more resistant to cracking and is much easier to maintain compared to asphalt.

  • Smooth, even surface of concrete minimizes risk of tripping, making them suitable for all individuals. The smooth surface also makes it ideal for snow clearing.

    Asphalt is prone to water penetration from freeze/melt cycles, resulting in an uneven surface (i.e. potholes). Visually, the color black “weighs” down your home and makes it look smaller. It also has a shorter lifespan than concrete and requires more ongoing maintenance. Also, asphalt gets really hot in the summer – enough to blister your pets’ paws! Plus it only comes in 1 color: black!


If you're looking to make a beautiful and practical investment in your home that will last decades, then you've come to the right place. Burlington Concrete is a locally owned concrete company and we are dedicated to providing professional concrete installation for homeowners and business owners located in the town of Burlington and everywhere within an hour's drive.

Our crew are experts at concrete installation, concrete repair and maintenance. We can install a new concrete driveway, concrete patio, concrete steps, concrete pool deck, pathways and even lay the concrete foundation for new homes.

Stamped concrete patio | Burlington ConcreteStamped concrete patio | Burlington Concrete
Concrete entry | Burlington ConcreteConcrete entry | Burlington Concrete
Concrete walkway | Burlington ConcreteConcrete walkway | Burlington Concrete
Stamped concrete driveway | Burlington ConcreteStamped concrete driveway | Burlington Concrete

We stand behind our work and the customer always comes first. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to help you achieve your vision for your home.

We'll keep you informed of our progress every step of the way and we're always available to answer any of your questions. We are respectful of you and your property - we always clean up and recycle. Once construction is complete, you will reap the benefits and satisfaction from years of ownership.

We know you can choose from other concrete contractors and we encourage you to make the best choice for your home. Concrete is a substantial investment and you should make an informed choice.

When you interview other concrete contractors, ask for pictures and reviews of their previous work. Ensure that your project is the normal type of work that they normally do - some kinds of concrete work are more demanding than the others.

We are happy to share testimonials and previous completed work from happy homeowners to help you visualize how these various styles will work with your home's architecture and landscaping.

Stamped Concrete Driveway | Burlington Concrete
Stamped Concrete Driveway | Burlington Concrete
Stamped Concrete Driveway | Burlington Concrete
Stamped Concrete Driveway | Burlington Concrete

Your home is your castle – and what better way to convey an dramatic first impression than a beautiful concrete driveway? It is one of the most underrated improvements that any home owner can make. Just imagine a guest (or prospective buyer) pulling up to your home - what's the first thing they see before entering your home?

Your driveway is like a red carpet for your guests and shows pride of ownership. Picture your home with a driveway like these homes above!

The good news is that your driveway does not have to be a boring, industrial grey like an auto mechanic’s workshop. Today, you can choose from thousands of colors, finishes, patterns and textures. Exercise your creativity with colors ranging from earth tone browns, reddish browns and even green with acid stained concrete. The colors are durable since they are stained not painted, so the color will never rub off.

Or get stamped concrete so that your driveway looks like it was paved with cobblestone, slate or tile. Yes, even a herringbone pattern is possible. We can also inlay brick or turf to match the other elements of your landscape design.

The finished driveway is a pure pleasure to come home to. Many savvy clients choose stamped concrete to mimic the designs and patterns typically found in more expensive driveway paving materials and realize big cost savings, while enjoying the strength and durability of concrete.


Installing a functional and beautiful concrete driveway for a typical home requires expertise, experience and plenty of attention to detail. With concrete, we only get 1 chance to get it right! First, our team of concrete specialists survey your future driveway's location, taking the slope, drainage and soil conditions into consideration.

Then we will work with you to develop a plan that meets your unique needs, expectations and design considerations. Depending on the size and complexity of the driveway, construction of your driveway may take up to 2 weeks.

We start construction by demolishing/ removing the existing driveway. Next, we layer on a substantial gravel base, to prevent any future sinking or cracking. Then we compact and grade the gravel to give the driveway a solid foundation. Following this step, we add re-bar or mesh as the "bones" of the driveway to minimize the risk of cracking in the future. We also install the forms (wood borders) so that the concrete follows the planned design.

Then we precisely mix the cement and aggregate to match the ambient temperature and humidity and we carefully pour the concrete to ensure it's level and free of voids. When the concrete is the correct firmness, we add the decorative elements like staining or stamping. The stain is not paint, so any traffic or friction will not affect it. Then we let the concrete cure naturally, while controlling the moisture to ensure the layers of concrete cure evenly.

We finish the concrete construction by cutting in expansion joints (for warm weather) and apply a penetrating sealer to reduce water absorption and protect the concrete from UV rays. The sealer should be re-applied every 2-3 years to protect your investment.

Concrete Driveway construction | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Driveway construction | Burlington Concrete
Concrete driveway construction | Burlington Concrete
Concrete driveway construction | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Repair | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Repair | Burlington Concrete

Burlington Concrete also offers concrete repair services for homeowners. If you notice that your concrete patio or concrete walkways are discolored, developing hairline cracks or a powdery appearance, then they're good candidates for resurfacing. It's far better to fix small cracks early than wait for larger cracks to appear.

Resurfacing can be done quickly and refreshes the look of your concrete surfaces without having to replace the whole concrete surface. The  newer overlays installed by professional concrete contractors have greater tensile strength than concrete itself, so the repair will last as long as the concrete.

Give us a call and we'll send one of our concrete experts to examine the condition of your concrete. If the concrete cracks are too deep or the concrete was chipped down to the rebar, then we'll advise you if concrete resurfacing is the best solution for you.

Concrete Patio | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Patio | Burlington Concrete

Add a new living space by creating an outdoor concrete patio, which is a smart way to add value to your home, upgrade your backyard and enjoy sunny days. Bonus: unlike other patio materials, concrete is stain resistant. Imagine welcoming close family and friends at your Canada Day BBQ with an outdoor paradise. Or even to enjoy a relaxing family dinner, while the summer sun sets.

The good news is that the full array of colors, textures and patterns used for driveways can also be used for outdoor spaces. We can even pour the concrete on any surface, and fit any size or shape like benches, planters or retaining walls. You can relax in the knowledge that your new concrete patio is low maintenance and durable (no termites! ever). Now you can build the outdoor oasis of your dreams, the envy of your neighbourhood.

Concrete Walkways | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Walkways | Burlington Concrete

Add some curb appeal with an interesting and functional walkway to your front door that is slip resistant and visually stunning. You can also stamp it so that it matches the color and design of your home, for a custom look. We can also assist with the repair of existing walkways.

Concrete Steps | Burlington Concrete
Concrete Steps | Burlington Concrete

We can also install a set of steps that are beautiful, sturdy and will stand the test of time. The color or pattern can be matched to your driveway or to complement your home's appearance. Again, the versatility of concrete stamping gives you lots of choices.


When it comes to expenditure, I always ask clients to adopt the long term view: concrete is an investment in your home that will provide daily satisfaction for decades. With its long life span, concrete is not your typical consumer purchase. Also, compare the investment in a nice driveway to your home, which is valued much more. The cost of concrete installation by experienced concrete contractors depends on the following:


  • Once a year, pressure wash the whole concrete surface to remove accumulated dirt, mildew or residue salt.

  • If there's any oil & grease stains, they can be removed by alkaline degreasers. Rust stains can be removed by oxalic acid.

  • Every 2 years, apply a penetrating sealer to protect the concrete. This should be done by a qualified concrete company.

  • Never use deicing salts on concrete. Over time, the salts can penetrate the pores of the concrete as they are pressed in by traffic. They can do damage to the top surface and the internal structure of the concrete. Only use sand.